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Our team was born with creativity embedded into their being, we have spent our lives being different, seeling colour, styles, communications and layouts as a form of artistic experience. We make things look good, and we work hard to make sure the end goal is achieved in the most creative and applicable way possible.

We work on major projects and smaller projects which include brand development, CSI books, unique corporate gifts, print media, marketing material and online media including web design and development.



Great packaging will make your product stand out from your competition and fall straight inot your custemers carts. Thats why having the perfect design means having a great ROI.

Print Media

Graphic design for Magazine Ads, Newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, Company Profiles, Company Reports, banners, signage and anything that requires printing – we create and organise the whole process for you.

Web Development

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools for your business, and it is extreamly important that it look fantastic, run like a champ and be socially optimised while.

Art & Illustration

We have an amazingly talented artist and illustrator working with us on our illustrative, coporate, product and personal drawing projects – add something special to your project and make it really stand out from the crowd.


Coporate Projects

We can work on all your coporate projects – designing your CI, presenting your CSI / CSR projects professionally, creating your coporate gifts for your investors and clients, product reports, annual reports and more.

Online Media Design

Do you need an email campaign, online RSVP campagin, banner design for advertising space, online invitation for your corporate event?

creative team

While we work together as a fantastic team, we also partner with communication agencies, media booking agencies, event management companies and printers to make sure your project expectations are met and delivered on time.

Nicole Street

Nicole Street

Graphic design, web design and project manager

Andre O'Kelly

Andre O'Kelly

Illustrator and Traditional Artist

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