Custom Wooden Models for a year-end corporate Calendar.

Corporate gifts should be unique, customized and beautiful. You want your clients to love what they have received and to keep them for years to come.

TRAC understands this and embraces the potential of client corporate gifts.



In 2019, we worked under the direction of to create a truly unique year-end calendar for TRAC.  Each year they choose a theme that their clients will love, and that stands out in creativity. This year they chose the concept of models of towns along the TRAC N4 route.


Andre O’Kelly, hand-cut each model from wood, which featured a special aspect of the town, a typical building found in that town, a well-known feature of that town and a colorful vehicle which allowed each model to have a unique finish.


We then designed the layout of the calendar and included a special map of the route at the end of the calendar.  Thanks to Media Match for trusting us with such a special project and as always, working with us hand in hand every step of the way.

Media Match directed the project, working with us on the concepts, look and feel of each model and page, worked with the photographer, copywriters and arranged the print and delivery of these special calendars.




White River Crossing Branding

Working on this brand was a truly unique experience and an incredible journey.

We worked on a variety of items and projects for White River Crossing

The logo and CI guidelines, magazine and newspaper ads, online ads on various platforms, vinyl designs for the shops, the RSVP online system, website, posters, and opening launch item branding such as the bags, keyrings, and labels. We also worked on the launch of their social media through our other company I AM Social.

What really makes a difference is major branding projects is working with such a professional team from Fortris and Just Marketing. These guys are top-notch and I’ve just had the most wonderful experience on this project.

The process of this took around 5 months and we blew the launch out the water under the guidance of Just Marketing with Marita Kroon.

Check out our gallery for just a few of the projects we completed for White River Crossing in Mpumalanga.

Luxury gifts for Land Rover and Jaguar.

We had the privilege of creating luxury loyalty gifts for Land Rover and Jaguar which needed to be special and unique. We took on the task with a lot of enthusiasm.

Each gift had a unique lino print of an old Land Rover and Jaguar grill. Each lino was numbered and signed by the artist – Andre O’Kelly. Making the prints alone a valuable gift.

Lino printing is a form of fine art printmaking, where the image/design is cut into linoleum (floor covering) to create a ‘printing plate’. The lino is then inked with real oil-based ink, a piece of paper placed over it, and then pressure is applied by hand to transfer the ink to the paper. The result, a unique linocut print.

The gift inside was a branded luxury wine cooler and a custom packaged loyalty card and a custom made die cut ‘thank you tag’, covered with quality wood wool and wrapped with black matt tissue paper and closed off with a sticker about the project.

We then used kraft boxes to contain the gift and used a luxury double sided satin ribbon to tie the gift together and a premium twine to give it a finishing touch of elegance and quality. We then added the lino print and tag to decorate the box with a beautiful bow to make the gift come together.

We made a total of 120 gifts were delivered to Land Rover and Jaguar and their clients were thrilled with the amazing gift they received.