Media Match

Ceceila Porter from Media Match contacted NSDesigns many years ago and we have been working together ever since. We have worked on a vast amount of projects and I can honestly say that having a brand communication manager on board any project makes a real different to your brand.

Cecelia has taken care of many major brands and NSDesigns has worked on the creative of those brands, with her managing the entire project from planning and media buying to design and print.

NSDesigns has also worked on the Media Match brand. Cecelia loves simplicity and minimalist feel, so we created a corporate identity that is simple yet classy.

A big thanks to Cecelia for trusting us with so many fantastic projects, we look forward to major successes together!

Zongororo Lodge

NSDesigns has worked with Zongororo Lodge for many years. When the lodge finally decided to re-brand, after buying into a coffee shop, we jumped onto the ‘brandwagon‘ and proposed a new illustrated, family-feel, with a farm-like theme.

They loved it and so did we. We created their corporate identity, menus, a children’s colouring book and various other marketing materials.

If ever you are in the region, check out Zongororo in Waterval Boven.

Cape Fruits

Working with Cape Fruits was a really fun project. They wanted to refresh their product branding and called us in to do the job.

We got really creative with the process, as the client allowed us creative freedom with their brief, which was fun, funky, colourful and different. It took a couple of months and we re-branded their entire range of products, including their mango atchar range, sweet range, juice concentrates, natural chew range, corporate identity, marketing material and website.

Because the company allowed creative freedom, we added some really cool custom illustration work around transparent openings which enabled the colour of the sweets to shine through.

A huge thank you to Cape Fruits and Kate Van der Westhuizen for trusting us with their re-brand.